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Venkys Vision IT

Established in 2012 for Academic Projects and Software Trainings.

Venkys CADD Center

Established in 2013 for CAD/CAM Design projects and Trainings.

Venkys Digital

Established in 2014 for Digital Marketing Services and Trainings.

Bigsense Technologies Pvt Ltd

Established in 2015 for Digital Marketing Services and Trainings.

Cyber HackSpot

Established in 2016 for Cyber Security Services and Workshops


Established in 2016 for Academic and Industrial Projects.

Venkys Overseas

Established in 2016 for overseas consulting and IELTS,GRE,TOEFL Training.

Interns HuB

Established in 2017 for Internships, Online Trainings and Workshops

Established in 2017 for property sales and constructions.

Target Academy

Established in 2018 for Banking, RRB,SSC, TET,DSC, Groups coaching.

Raithe Raju

Established in 2016 for social services to the farmers, farmers children education.


Established in 2020 for local jobs services to the unemployed.

Quantum Robotics

Established in 2020 for Robotics, Workshops in Schools.

Venkys College- VIIHM

Established in 2020 for Hotel Management courses in khammam.

Pro Coder

Established in 2021 for Software courses training and placements.

Future Startups

We will update our new startup plans very soon ….. wait for the next project……

Our Vision

The main vision of Venkys Group is “ To be a key player in deployment of Knowledge and Technology, By Producing and Providing Versatile and Resourceful Professionals to the growing Industries”.

The vision of Venkys Group is to involve its students in never ending Engineering Research and make them excel in Quality Education. In the years to come its vision is to keep its students in the forefront in Engineering and Technology Education. Moreover it should remain forever a world class institution for technological education and scientific research for public good.

Our Mission

The Main Mission of Venkys Group is “ To build value for
Customers through innovative use of Technology, Support, Service and Customer

The Mission of Venkys Group is to motivate and uplift the
Rural and Semi-urban students in the field of technology and create in them a
complete confidence and also safeguard the economically backward students of
the society.

·        To mould the students into real human beings by equipping them with ethical and human values.

·        To make the students get to know the practicality of human life and feel the pulse of belonging to the entire globe.

·        In guiding them to earn secure careers so as to live happily and contribute their services for the faster development of the


·        To make the institution a “ Center of excellence” in the field of Technical & Management studies.

Advisory Board

Some of the supporting and inspiration to me.

“Quality Education gives the future Engineers with innovations”.

Dr. K.Vidyasagar

Professor at VNR VJIT

“Innovation, Invention, Incubation is possible with Venkys Group”

Dr. MD.Javeed

Professor at Sridattha Colleges

“Cyber Safety Awareness makes the women safe from cyber frauds”

Prof. Rajeswari

Professor at TSWRDC

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to QUIT

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