100+ B.Tech Embedded Systems Major Projects Titles 2019 for ECE

KCE0001 Environmental Data Monitoring System Using Android Application
KCE0002 Automated Irrigation System In Agriculture Using IoT Technology
KCE0003 IoT Based Smart Energy Meter In Smart Cities
KCE0004 IoT Based Occupancy Monitoring Techniques For Energy Efficient Smart Buildings
KCE0005 IoT Based School Children Transportation Safety System
KCE0006 Iot Based Smart Healthcare Kit
KCE0007 A Gsm/Gprs, Wsn And Embedded Web Server Architecture For Internet Based Kitchen Monitoring System
KCE0008 Iot And RFID Based Rationing System
KCE0009 Robot Movement Controlling System Using Android Application
KCE0010 Android Based Home Area Network Monitoring And Controlling System
KCE0011 Vehicle Accident Detection and  Automatic Remote Alarm Device
KCE0012 RFID And GSM Based Stolen Vehicle Detection System
KCE0013 Development Of Fingerprint And RFID Based Rationing System
KCE0014 RFID And Gsm Based School Children Transportation System
KCE0015 WSN Based Smart Sensors And Actuator For Power Management In Intelligent
KCE0016 Recognition Technique For ATM Based On Iris Technology
KCE0017 Fire Fighting Robot
KCE0018 Robust railway crack detection system
KCE0019 Intelligent Street Lighting system
KCE0020 Hand Gesture Based Home Automation System For Bedside People
KCE0021 Development Of A Patient Health Monitoring System.
KCE0022 Super Cash Registers With Integrated GPRS Terminal
KCE0023 An Innovative Non-intrusive Driver Assistance System for Vital Signal Monitoring
KCE0024 Vehicle Safety System With Ignition Security.
KCE0025 Microcontroller Based Digital Meter With Alert System Using GSM.
KCE0026 Smart Attendance Monitoring And Auto Paging System
KCE0027 Child Safety Wearable Device.
KCE0028 IoT Based Vehicle Tracking System.
KCE0029 Implementation Of Smart Restaurant With E-Menu Card In Smart Cities.
KCE0030 A Child-Left-Behind Warning System Using GSM.
KCE0031 Electronic Protection For Exam Paper Leakage.
KCE0032 RFID Based Automated Toll Collection System.
KCE0033 Traffic Congestion Control With Automatic Signal Clearance for emergency vehicles.
KCE0034 Face Reorganization System Based Door Access System
KCE0035 Real Time Building Zone Occupancy Detection And Activity Visualization.
KCE0036 Portable Device To Assistive Talk With Dump People
KCE0037 Pedestrian  Crossing detection and intimation System
KCE0038 Role Of Wireless Sensor Networks In Forest Fire Prevention
KCE0039 Design and development of Gait Detection in Stroke Patients.
KCE0040 Smart Host Microcontroller For Optimal Battery Charging In A Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicle
KCE0041 Product Detection And  Label Reading System Using Android Application
KCE0042 Intelligent Street Light Automation With Illumination Control.
KCE0043 RFID and ZigBee Based Manufacturing Monitoring System
KCE0044 Arm7 Based smart Car Security System
KCE0045 A Real Time Flood Alert System For Parking Lots
KCE0046 Design Of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using Embedded System
KCE0047 Wireless Robot for  Landmine Detection
KCE0048 Drowsiness Detection And Auto Alerting System Using Image Processing Technique
KCE0049 Safety Helmet For Bike Authentication & Alcohol Sensing For Riders
KCE0050 Fingerprint Based Atm Security System.
KCE0051 Smart Shopping Trolley In Super markets.
KCE0052 Anti Theft Protection Of Vehicle By GSM With Fingerprint Verification
KCE0053 How Long To Wait? Predicting Bus Arrival Time With Mobile Phone
KCE0054 Arm Hardware Platform For Vehicular Monitoring And Tracking
KCE0055 Emergency Alert For Women Safety With Location
KCE0056 Passenger Bus Alert System For Easy Navigation Of Blind
KCE0057 RFID and Zigbee based logistics monitoring system
KCE0058 Fruit Reorganization System Using Image Processing Technique.
KCE0059 Wireless Patient’s Data Monitoring And Alerting System.
KCE0060 WSN Based Smart Sensors And Actuator For Power Management In Intelligent Buildings
KCE0061 Traffic Signal Detection And Auto Alerting System To The Drivers
KCE0062 A Parking Guidance And Information System   Based On Wireless Sensor Network
KCE0063 A Smart Bus Tracking System Based on Location-Aware Services
KCE0064 A Cyber Physical System For Environmental Monitoring
KCE0065 Design And Implementation Of Elderly People Monitoring And Auto Intimation Systems
KCE0066 IoT Based Parking Manager
KCE0067 Smart Configuration Of Smart Environments
KCE0068 A Location Aided Flooding Mechanism In Community Based Iot Networks
KCE0069 RFID Based Attendance Management System
KCE0070 Real time Monitoring and Control System for Green House based on 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network
KCE0071 ATM Theft Detection And Auto Arresting And Intimation System
KCE0072 Advanced Mobile Phone Signal Jammer For GSM, CDMA And 3G Networks With Prescheduled Time Duration
KCE0073 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial WSN
KCE0074 Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities A Survey
KCE0075 An IoT Based Remote HRV(Heart Rate Variability) Monitoring System For Hypertensive Patients
KCE0076 Application Of RFID Technology And The Maximum Spanning Tree Algorithm For Solving Vehicle Emissions In Cities
KCE0077 Concealed Alarm System Using GSM
KCE0078 Development Of Blind Assistive Device in Shopping Malls
KCE0079 An Automatic Driver Drowsiness Alert System By Using GSM
KCE0080 Portable Roadside Sensors For Vehicle Counting, Classification System
KCE0081 Embedded Control System For Smart Walking Assistance Device
KCE0082 Automatic Drunken Driven Detecting System
KCE0083 Intelligent Energy Management System In Smart Homes
KCE0084 Design And Development Of Personal Assistive Device For Elderly Persons
KCE0085 Secured Electronic Voting Machine Using Biometric
KCE0086 Auto Speed Controlling Of Vehicles
KCE0087 Deep Representations For Face, And Fingerprint Spoofing Detection
KCE0088 A Safety System For Mine Workers In Heavy Industries
KCE0089 Wireless Sensor Network Based Agriculture Field Monitoring System
KCE0090 Auto Floods & Tsunami Alerting Center
KCE0091 A Safety System For Mine Workers In Heavy Industries
KCE0092 An Advanced Robot For Military Application
KCE0093 Human–Robot Collaboration Based On Motion Intention Estimation
KCE0094 Intelligent pillbox Automatic and programmable Assistive Technology device
KCE0095 Footstep based power generation system in shopping malls
KCE0096 Fingerprint Based Authentication System In Exams
KCE0097 Biometric System Based Locker Security System
KCE0098 Remote Controlling Of Home Appliances Using Mobile.
KCE0099 Intelligent Safety Information Gathering System Using A Smart Black Box
KCE0100 Automated Control System For Air Pollution Detection In Vehicles
KCE0101 Child Activity Reorganization And Auto Intimation System In Smart Cities
KCE0102 Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System In IoT Environment
KCE0103 E Circular For Students Through Bluetooth
KCE0104 An Intelligent Universal Remote Monitoring & Control Of Home Area Network
KCE0105 Secure Iot Platform For Industrial Control Systems
KCE0106 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial WSM In Iot Environment

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